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Welcome to IBKS Valentine's Spa Camp

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Yaay! Thank you for choosing to register your camper/campers with IBKS Camps 2022. We look forward to offering our young campers a fulfilled, pampered, uplifting and memorable experience.


Before proceeding we ask that you read over the following carefully, before finalizing your registration. After completing the registration process, the $40.00 Non-refundable registration fee will be required in order to secure your camper’s space. Note the required deposit is exclusive of our camp fees. Payment must be transferred into HSBC Account:

#010-321891-012 Komieko Roberts

If you are transferring from Butterfield Bank  you will be required to enter the following address:

#6 Winton Hill Lane, Hamilton Parish CR-03 (for our account)

(It is imperative that you attach your campers name to your transaction for ease of reference).


 Note: all deposits will be used towards your campers supplies, extra water and daily snacks.



1. We require your cooperation in refraining from registering your camper if you are NOT committed to following through. It is imperative that we maximize our numbers so that we can adequately cover our expenses. (PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT reserve a space if your camper will not be attending for the period selected.


2. We strongly urge parents to have their camper tested the morning of attendance, providing a NEGATIVE test result on the first day of camp per week for the safety of our staff, campers and their families. (At home Antigent test will be accepted).


3. Do to the uncertainty of potential rise in Covid - 19 cases, we ask that you DO NOT pay the full payment in advance, in order to avoid having to reimburse each payee. (All payments will be required the first day of camp to be transferred online). In the event we are forced to cancel due to government restrictions/guidelines we will commit to refunding.

4.  Friday hot-lunch, snacks/extra water, are included weekly.   However, an additional fee per week will be added for activities and transportation, no more than $30.00.


Your cooperation and support of our policies will be appreciated!




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